Following my previous post, several players tried their HTTP/2 implementation of draft 14 (h2-14) against
A few issues were found and quickly fixed on our side, and this is very good for interoperability.
Having worked many times at implementing specifications, I know that different people interpret the same specification in slightly different ways that may lead to incompatibilities.
@badger and @tatsuhiro_t reported that curl + nghttp2 is working correctly against
On the Firefox side, @todesschaf reported a couple of edge cases that were fixed, so expect a Firefox nightly soon (if not already out?) that supports h2-14.
We are actively working at porting the SPDY Push implementation to HTTP/2, and Firefox should already support HTTP/2 Push, so there will be more interoperability testing to do, which is good.
This work is being done in conjunction with an experimental Servlet API so that web applications will be able to tell the container what resources should be pushed. This experimental push API is scheduled to be defined by the Servlet 4.0 specification, so once again the Jetty project is leading the path like it did for async Servlets, SPDY and SPDY Push.
Why you should care about all this ?
Because SPDY Push can boost your website performance, and more performance means more money for your business.
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