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Eclipse Jetty

When you need the strongest possible combination of power, performance, solutions, and support, you need Eclipse Jetty. With over 25 years of development, Jetty is one of the most widely deployed web servers available today.

Jetty is an imminently scalable, stable, and technologically advanced Java HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, and WebSocket server with Servlet 5.0 support.

Jetty works as a standard distribution package and can be embedded into your existing Java code, allowing developers to implement only portions of Jetty they need. This allows developers and administrators to deploy Jetty in their environments without worrying about unwanted overhead or memory usage.

The Jetty libraries also provide highly scalable, highly configurable, non-blocking, reactive, HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, HTTP/3, WebSocket, and FastCGI clients that can be used inside web applications, microservices, standalone applications, and load generator libraries.

CometD is the highly scalable, clustered, web messaging library that supports publish-subscribe, peer-to-peer, and remote-call modes of operation, available in Java and JavaScript (browser and Node) platforms.

With CometD, requests can be batched, connections can be shared, you can avoid tripping on browser connection limits, and you can enforce better organization and security through channels and filters. CometD can also be used to communicate to a variety of user interface frameworks, such as Dojo or GWT.

CometDs exceptional scalability is tested every day by massive online games, call centers, freight tracking systems, and more with minimal resource usage.

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