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Our innovative support approach gives you the benefits of open source with the stability your business demands.


Provide your developers with direct access to the developers of Jetty and CometD, allowing them to spend less time working with our technology so they can spend their time on what you care about most, your business.


Get notification of critical vulnerabilities before they become public. Webtide will work with you one on one to determine exposure, mitigation and ultimately resolution.


When production environments fail it directly impacts your business, with Lifecycle Support we assist your team in identifying if the issue originates with Jetty, and if so, how to resolve it as quickly as possible.


The developers of Jetty are ready to help you identify what you need to know about migrating between major and minor updates of Jetty. Our goal is to help you minimize the time your team spends in software upgrade cycles for Jetty and CometD.

Open Source

Many businesses are afraid to engage with open source, instead choosing to be silent consumers. Since Webtide is composed of the active committers of the open source software, your team has direct, private and personal access to the committers themselves.


Webtide works hard to ensure Jetty will never be the bottleneck for application deployment and we will work with you to ensure it. We can work with you to use the proper tools to create and run meaningful benchmarks for your software, and help identify issues at scale.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring your application operates correctly is a mammoth undertaking, let Webtide help you with strategies for lightweight embedded testing that gives you the power of a container in a bite-sized package.

When the Jetty project was started in 1995, no one knew what the future would hold for Java, much less a small issue tracking system written by Greg Wilkins and submitted to a competition by Sun Microsystems (it won!). Servlets became a thing, and Jetty evolved into an HTTP server and servlet engine. It was further developed through Mort Bay Consulting until 2007, when Webtide LLC was started with one goal. To provide businesses with the services and tools they need to be successful by having direct access to the developers of Jetty.

For over 15 years, Webtide has successfully served as the intermediary between business needs and open source, fully funding the ongoing development of Jetty through services and support with our customers. We exist to serve as the bridge between business needs and the constantly changing landscape of protocols and specifications that make up the internet today.

Our customers directly support the open-source project by working with Webtide as it is entirely owned and operated by the developers of Jetty and CometD!

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