Simone Bordet and I spoke at JavaOne this year about the evolution of web protocol and how HTTP is being replaced by WebSocket (for new semantics) and by SPDY (for better efficiency).

The demonstration of SPDY Push is particularly good at showing how SPDY can greatly improve the latency of serving your web applications.   The video of the demo is below:

But SPDY is about more than improving load times for the user.  It also has some huge benefits for scalability on the server side.   To find out more, you can see the full presentation via the presentations link on (which is already running SPDY so users of Chrome or the latest FF that follow that link will be making a SPDY request).

SPDY is already available as a connector type in Jetty-7, 8 and 9.   For assistance getting your website SPDY enabled please contact Our software is free open source and we provide commercial developer advice and production support.