Greg Wilkins (@gregwilkins) and I (@simonebordet) have been working on implementing HTTP/2 draft 14 (h2-14), which is the draft that will probably undergo the “last call” at the IETF.

We will blog very soon with our opinions about HTTP/2 (stay tuned, it’ll be interesting!), but for the time being Jetty proves once again to be a trailblazer when it comes with new web technologies and web protocols.

Jetty started to innovate with Jetty Continuations, that were standardized (with improvements) into Servlet 3.0.

Jetty was one of the first Java server to offer support for asynchronous I/O back in 2006 with Jetty 6.

In 2012 we were the first Java server to implement SPDY, we have written libraries that provide support for NPN in Java (that are now used by many other Java servers that provide SPDY support). We also were the first to implement a completely automatic way of leveraging SPDY Push, that can boost your web site performance.

Today, to my knowledge, we are again the first Java server exposing the implementation of the HTTP/2 protocol, draft 14, live on our own website.

Along with HTTP/2 support, that will be coming in Jetty 9.3, we have also implemented a library that provides support for ALPN in Java (the successor of NPN), allowing every Java application (client or server) to implement HTTP/2 over SSL. This library is already available in the Jetty 9.2.x series. We want other implementers (client and server) to test our HTTP/2 implementation in order to generate feedback about HTTP/2 that can be reported at the IETF.

As of today, both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome only support HTTP/2 draft 13 (h2-13). They are keeping the pace at implementing new drafts, so expect both browsers to offer draft 14 support in matter of days (in their nightly/unstable versions). When that will happen, you will be able to use those browsers to connect to our HTTP/2 enabled website.

The Jetty project offers not only a server, but a HTTP/2 client as well. You can take a look at how it’s used to connect to a HTTP/2 server here.

Where is it ?

Lastly, contact us for any news or information about what Jetty can do for you in the realms of async I/O, PubSub over the web (via CometD), SPDY and HTTP/2.


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