Now that the HTTP/2 specification is in its final phases of approval, big players announced that they will remove support for SPDY in favor of long term support of HTTP/2 (Chromium blog). We expect others to follow soon.
Based on this trend and feedback from users the Jetty Project is announcing that it will drop support for SPDY in Jetty 9.3.x, replacing its functionalities with HTTP/2.  We have milestone builds available for Jetty 9.3.0 now if you would like to try them out, they can be downloaded through Maven Central now.  A new milestone release will be released shortly followed by a full release once the specification is finalized.
The SPDY protocol will remain supported in the Jetty 9.2.x series, but no further work will be done on it unless it is sponsored by a client.  This will allow us to concentrate fully on a first class quality implementation of HTTP/2.
Along these same lines, Jetty 9.3 will drop support for NPN (the TLS Next Protocol Negotiation Extension), replacing its functionalities with ALPN (the TLS Application Layer Protocol Negotiation Extension, RFC 7301). NPN should remain supported in the Jetty 9.2.x series, and updated as new JDK 7 versions will be released.
Contact us if you are interested in migrating your existing SPDY solutions to HTTP/2.


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