As you may know already, Oracle has announced that OpenJDK 7, with its last 7u80 release, has reached end of life as of today.
In March 2012, the Jetty project announced that it had implemented the SPDY protocol and, along with it, the first pure Java NPN implementation that was required to implement SPDY.
Because the NPN implementation required to modify OpenJDK classes, we maintained the NPN implementation for every JDK release, importing OpenJDK changes when required into a new release of the NPN library.
NPN has been superseded by ALPN, for which the Jetty project also created a pure Java implementation, required to implement HTTP/2.
Like NPN, also the ALPN implementation modifies OpenJDK classes and the ALPN library needs to be matched with the corresponding OpenJDK version.
With the end of public OpenJDK 7 releases, the Jetty project will therefore stop updating the NPN and ALPN implementations for OpenJDK 7.
Only ALPN (and not NPN) will be maintained for OpenJDK 8 releases.
If you need support for ALPN or NPN beyond OpenJDK 7u80, please contact us.
As for the future, ALPN is scheduled to be part of OpenJDK 9 (JEP 244), so we will eventually phase out the Jetty ALPN implementation in favour of OpenJDK 9’s one. OpenJDK 9 is scheduled for the end of 2016, so expect the Jetty ALPN library for OpenJDK 8 to be alive and updated for a while.


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