Jan Bartel and I will be presenting a "Guide to Jetty" Webinar on Thu, Apr 8, 2010 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM PDT.   We’ll present an overview of Jetty and then show some hands on examples of running Jetty, deploying webapps, coding against the embedded API, plus a cometd demo.  We’ll also take questions from the attendees.

Please register at  http://gotomeeting.com/429603674


Anonymous · 08/05/2010 at 05:45

It’s pitty that it’s visible only in Windows…

Boris · 19/08/2010 at 09:57

Oh great, I missed the webinar. Now I am stuck with your documentation. Maybe you should add this guide somewhere where people are able to see it?
I find that your documentation of jetty here in eclipse is extremely poor. I was put off using jetty because of this. I better buy some commersial software than lose huge amounts of time in trial and error. Not even one word said about optimization, security issues and usage scenarious. What use is a good software if no one knows how to configure and use it properly? Not a book or even a proper guide in the whole wide web.

Greg Wilkins · 23/08/2010 at 20:44

I’m sorry that you don’t like the Jetty documentation at eclipse. I agree that it could be a lot lot better. However we now have a tech writer working on it, so it should be improving.
Note also that it is an open source project and thus contributions are always welcome.

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