I had the pleasure to speak at the GeeCON 2015 Conference in Kraków, Poland, where I presented a HTTP/2 session and a new session about the G1 garbage collector (slides below).

I have to say that GeeCON has become one of my favorite conferences, along with the Codemotion Conference.
While Codemotion is bigger and spans more themes (Java, JavaScript/WebUI/WebUX, IoT, Makers and Embedded), GeeCON is smaller and more focused on Java and Scala.
The GeeCON organizers have made a terrific effort, and the results are, in my opinion, superb.
The conference venue is a bit far from the center of Kraków (where most speaker hotels were), but easily reachable by bus. When the conference is over, you still have a couple of hours of light to visit the city center, which is gorgeous.
The sessions I followed were very interesting and the speakers top quality.
The accommodation was good, food and beverages at the conference were excellent, and on the second day there was a party for all conference attendees in a huge beer bar, with a robo war tournament for those that like to flip someone else’s table robot. Fantastic !
Definitely mark GeeCON on your calendars for the next year.
The slides about the G1 session aim at explaining some of the less known areas of G1 and present tuning advices along with a real-world use case of migration from CMS to G1.
Contact us if you want to tune the GC behavior of your Jetty applications, either deployed to a standalone Jetty server or coded using Jetty embedded.


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