When I was given the opportunity to come work at Webtide several months ago, I knew right away this was definitely a chance of a lifetime. It is absolutely amazing to be able to work with Jetty founders Greg and Jan, as well as with all the other members of Jetty team.

I have been developing web applications for almost all of the major application servers in the past, and always been interested in developing the software at the core of the development stack, as well as in open source development. But until now I have not been able to find an open source project where my skills and experience were needed.
Jetty@Eclipse and Jetty@Codehaus projects are the perfect match for all my current goals as a software developer, with the robust HTTP server and JSP/Servlet application server components, as well as the asynchronous HTTP Client module that I have been already working with extensively while developing a solution for one of Webtide’s clients.

Webtide had recently been acquired by Intalio, and there seems to be even more opportunities for Jetty to grow and prosper. There are infinite possibilities here for me to grow professionally, learn cool new technologies, and work with great and talented people. It’s been a very busy time getting to know my way around Jetty’s code, and I am totally looking forward to learning it all, doing a lot of new development, as well as maintenance work, and having some fun while at it!