A few months back I was given a chance to come work at Webtide and jumped at the chance.  Really, given the chance to work with amazing people like the founders of Jetty who could say no to something like that? 

Jetty has been a component in my development stack for such a long time, since the early days of jboss when jetty was packaged with it, the name has been circling around my periphery.  It’s also been a critical part of my maven life since the jetty-maven-plugin is just such a wonderful tool for  working with webapps in maven.  I have always been a big command line guy so anything that aids me in keeping the IDE for just editing code and out of esoteric ui plugins and weird editor behavior is a huge bonus in my book.  And now I get to work professionally with the people behind so many good things.  The jetty continuations setup with long polling and how it speeds up ajax traffic coupled with the workaround of servlet shortcomings is just stellar.  I have even been able to work with early servlet 3.0 apis which I’ll blog about next….

So ya, what a great group of people to work with…just awesome.  Akin to the awesome group of people I worked with at Mergere and later Devzuz (you know who you are!)