The results are in for the Febuary 2009 Netcraft Survey and the news is great for Jetty! In January the sites reported using Jetty was at 258k and this month it is at over 289k! That is an increase of over 31k sites in just a month. Sure results vary from month to month as different hosting solutions change back and forth between competing technologies, but it is always nice to see a solid increase for Jetty.
For comparison, Netcraft now lists Jetty at about 70 percent of Tomcat, and 120% of Resin. Sometimes we get asked if jetty is used in production deployment…um. YES!
Anyway, wonderful news for Jetty especially on the cusp of the migration of Jetty7 to the Eclipse Foundation which I’ll give an update on the status for in a subsequent blog entry soon.

w00t! netcraft survey results