Until now, Jetty has not provided Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library nor Java Server Faces support with the container. Webapps wishing to use either of these facilities have had to explicitly include the necessary jars in their webapps.

With the rc1 version of Jetty 6, the JSTL1.0 and JSTL1.1 libraries will be automatically on the classpath for webapps using JSP2.1. This means webapp developers will be able to simply use these tags in their jsps. These JSTL goodies will also be available for Jetty maven plugin users too.

Apart from simplified development, webapps will now be more transportable between web containers supporting servlet2.5 (although why would you ever want to move away from Jetty 🙂 ). Also, it will facilitate moving the webapp to a full-blown JavaEE container should it become necessary.

Also from rc1, we have put the wiring in place to support container-wide availability of Java Server Faces implementations such as MyFaces or the JSF RI. We will not be distributing a JSF impl with Jetty, but you will be able to install your favourite into Jetty’s lib/ext directory (which is the location for jars to be shared between all deployed webapps) and follow the simple instructions I’ve put on the wiki:

My Faces instructions or JSF RI instructions

Keep checking the download page, as rc1 is on it’s way.

Using Java Server Faces, JSTL and Jetty