Greg Wilkins will be speaking at the Ajax Experience in San Francisco 25-27 July on
the subject of Ajax Comet Communications: The Bayeux protocol and standardization efforts from the Open Ajax Alliance.

Communications for Comet (or Ajax Push) remain a problematic issue for deploying scalable Ajax applications. This talk looks at two related efforts to deal with the many concerns of Ajax Comet communications.

The Bayeux protocol from the Dojo foundation is a multi-channel event bus that spans client and server over a variety of Ajax transports. The protocol has multiple implementations and aims to become a defacto standard for Ajax push communications. This talk examines the protocol and its scalable implementation in the Jetty web server.

The Open Ajax Alliance is an industry organization formed to deal with the interoperability issues of Ajax. Through their communications task force, the alliance is investigating common API solutions that will allow the semantics of Ajax communications to be captured without mandating a protocol solution or preventing continuing innovation in Ajax transports, interoperability and browser support.

The session is scheduled for 14:20 July 27.


TAE: Ajax Comet Communications