Somebody recently brought it to my attention that there’s a rumour going around that you can’t run JIRA on Jetty.

Sure enough, digging around on the Atlassian site showed up with this:

Rising to the implicit challenge, I set out to make JIRA run under jetty 6.x. As it only took 5 mins, I didn’t have anything to do for the rest of the day, so I decided to write up a wiki entry for it:

So with time still on my hands, I decided to blog about it too!

Actually I am a little disappointed that the Atlassian guys never contacted, so far as I am aware, any of the Jetty committers to ask for some help with any difficulties they were having. We are more than happy to work with anyone to get their project/product working with Jetty, as I hope we’ve demonstrated amply both in the past and present.

So, please give JIRA in Jetty a go, as it all seems to be working. Of course, if there are problems, feel free to post to and we’ll do our best to resolve them.

With any luck, an Atlassian will read this and update their website (hint hint hint).

Running JIRA on Jetty