Photacular enables users to create fun, unique products from their photographs with safe, secure, 24/7 online access. Options include T-shirts, mugs, coasters, jewelry, holiday ornaments, canvas prints, and more. All are custom made.

Challenges: The company sought to launch an easy to use rich web-based application for customizing photo-based items. The infrastructure had to be simple to deploy and highly scalable on commodity hardware in order to cost-effectively serve its customers with fast, reliable access to their products. Photacular needed access to the source code for possible customization and inspection. It also had to be backed by solid and easy-to-access support that would be available 24/7, just as they are.

Solution: Photacular found that combination in Jetty with Webtide Developer Advice. In a period of weeks, Photacular went from concept to deployment, rapidly clearing any questions or obstacles that were in the way. The service is extremely easy to use with dynamic graphics and interactive features. Administration is straight forward as is deployment to hosting services. Its site performance is outstanding, and it is now open for business.

“Working with Webtide and their developer advice system meant that we basically had them as a team member on call. Photacular could focus on its photo and product expertise and we could tap Webtide anytime for their server and Ajax knowledge. I am glad I went with Jetty as my app server.” -Darla Weiss, Founder, Photacular

Please see to see it in action.