Lifecycle Support

When you need help, go to the source. Webtide is composed of all the active committers on the open-source Eclipse Jetty and CometD projects. Available in four tiers (Small, Medium, Large and Enterprise) with a variety of options, our Lifecycle Support is always an option that fits your business needs.

Development Support

Want to use Eclipse Jetty in your Java application, but need a little help? Got a tough question about Jetty or CometD? Get help from the experts!
Knowledgeable experts are on hand to ensure your application keeps running around the clock, with both 8×5 and 24×7 packages available. You work directly with a committer when needed – there are no junior support tiers or escalation runaround to go through.

Production Support

Security and CVEs

Security is a top priority for the open source project and our team. Webtide proactively searches out security flaws and has authored and resolved numerous CVEs.
Migrations can be tough. Don’t let them be. If you find yourself under a tight deadline or without resources, engage with us. The team at Webtide is fully equipped to work with you on your migration from start to finish to ensure it is completed in the quickest time possible.

Migration Assistatance

What We Provide