At the heart of the Webtide service offering is Lifecycle Support. Whether you have an existing project running Eclipse Jetty or CometD or are about to start one, the team at Webtide is dedicated to your entire project lifecycle from inception and design through development, testing, release, and ongoing support. 

Expert Advice

Want to use Eclipse Jetty in your Java application, but need a little help? Got a tough question about Jetty or CometD or want to extend it? Get help from the experts!.

Migration Assistance

Under a tight deadline? Don’t have the bandwidth to perform the migration yourself? Let us handle it for you. The team at Webtide is fully equipped to handle your migrations for you from start to finish.

Production Support

Knowledgeable experts are on hand to ensure your application keeps running around the clock, with both 8×5 and 24×7 packages available. With no-hassle ways of getting in touch with our developers, you won’t have to play “escalation run-around” with a call center.