Sybase has published some SPEC® jAppServer2004 results for their Jetty powered EAServer showing excellent performance results against websphere and weblogic.

Sybases EAServer JEE application server  uses Jetty as the webtier, with the latest releases using Jetty-6 to provide 2.5 servlet specification compliance as well as Jetty’s advance asynchronous features (Jetty 6 is also available as the web tier of Geronimo, Websphere CE, JBoss and Glassfish).

SPECjAppServer2004 (Java Application Server) is a multi-tier benchmark for measuring the performance of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology-based application servers as  an end-to-end application which exercises all major J2EE technologies including the web container, servlets and JSPs

The results published by Sybase, show EAServer as one of the best results on a 4 core server. While Oracle have better 4 core results, they used  used more powerful Itanium systems which limit direct comparison.  The sybase 4 core results exceed some 8 core results from Sun, Websphere and Weblogic.

For clarity, the result table has been sorted and colourized in the image below:


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Jetty Powers Sybase SPEC