In what has to be one of the coolest ever uses of Jetty, JPL are using Jetty for missions operations planning on the Mars rovers!!!

Khawaja Shams from the JPL Operations Planning Software team dropped by the Webtide booth at EclipseCon and just blew us all away with this news. So now whenever I check on the rovers’ progress, I get a warm and fuzzy glow knowing that Jetty is helping this extraordinary mission succeed.

It seems to me that the longevity and success of the rover project is due to smart engineering based on well designed components – and that’s something that we continually strive for with Jetty. Our recent move to the Eclipse Foundation has already spurred us on to critically examine every jetty module, excise the cruft, streamline a few things and generally enhance our componentization for jetty-7.

To paraphrase Buzz Lightyear, for Jetty, its “to Mars … and Beyond!!!!”.

Jetty, JPL and the Mars Rovers