In one of those cosmic coincidences, no sooner do I blog about OSGi and J2EE containers, but Glassfish announces that they are moving to OSGi.

As OSGi gains more attention in the enterprise, the future is looking very interesting for Jetty, as we are hands-down the most popular servlet engine used in OSGi containers.

We already ported Jetty into Glassfish V2, back before Glassfish really offered any pluggability in the web tier, so we’re looking forward to a smoother ride with Glassfish V3 and OSGi modularity.

Oh, and just to be cheeky and because I like it, here’s the little gif I worked up last year when we demo’d Jetty inside Glassfish at the CommunityOne event, showing Glassfish "hooked" on Jetty:


Glassfish and OSGi … and Jetty?

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