CometD 2.4.0.beta1 has been released.
This is a major release that brings in a few new Java API (see this issue) – client-side channels can now be released to save memory, along with an API deprecation (see this issue) – client-side publish() should not specify the message id.
On the WebSocket front, the WebSocket transports have been overhauled and made up-to-date with the latest WebSocket drafts (currently Jetty implements up to draft 13, while browsers are still a bit back on draft 7/8 or so), and made scalable as well in both threading and memory usage.
Following these changes, BayeuxClient has been updated to negotiate transports with the server, and Oort has also been updated to use WebSocket by default for server-to-server communication, making server-to-server communication more efficient and with less latency.
WebSocket is now supported on Firefox 6 through the use of the Firefox-specific MozWebSocket object in the javascript library.
We have performed some preliminary benchmarks with WebSocket; they look really promising, although have been done before the latest changes to the CometD WebSocket transports.
We plan to do a more accurate benchmarking in the next days/weeks.
The other major change is the pluggability of the JSON library to handle JSON generation and parsing (see this issue).
CometD has been long time based on Jetty’s JSON library, but now also Jackson can be used (the default will still be Jetty’s however, to avoid breaking deployed applications that were using the Jetty JSON classes).
Jackson proved to be faster than Jetty in both parsing and generation, and will likely to become the default in few releases, to allow gradual migration of application that made use of Jetty JSON classes directly.
The applications should be written independently of the JSON library used.
Of course Jackson also brings in its powerful configurability and annotation processing so that your custom classes can be de/serialized from/to JSON.
Here you can find the release notes.
Download it, use it, and report back, any feedback is important before the final 2.4.0 release.

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