A recently blogged about my thoughts on the JSR-315 Asynchronous servlet 3.0 concerns. I have now worked those thoughts into a proposal that I have submitted to the expert group.

This proposal is clearly influenced by Jetty Continuations in that it allows requests handling to be suspended and resumed.  However it avoids the contentious RetryException thrown by Jetty.

This proposal also goes beyond continuations by including an extensible mechanism for containers to handle content on behalf of the servlets. This will allow containers to use the most efficient IO and reduce the complexity that a servlet developer needs to contend with in an asynchronous world.

Async Servlet 3.0 Proposal

One thought on “Async Servlet 3.0 Proposal

  • August 8, 2007 at 7:29 pm

    Greg: Would it make any sense to store the continuation in an object DBMS linked into the application server that was maintaining an in-memory cache of the database contents (and thus also of continuation data structures). The DBMS would insure that updates and additions (e.g., the data structures representing the continuations) were written to ‘stable storage’ before returning to the caller. Special smart delete operations would allow deletion of the data structures associated with no-longer needed continuations efficiently.

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