Why Choose Webtide?

Webtide was set up with one goal in mind: to provide the very best service and support for developer teams of all sizes who want to work with Eclipse Jetty. Whether your project is small or large, we’ve worked with companies around the world to make sure that their Jetty projects are a success.

Unlike some other software companies, Webtide isn’t trying to expand faster than we can handle. We value stability over size. We don’t over-promise or under-deliver; our support is terrific and our products do just what they say they’ll do — and we’ve got the satisfied customer testimonials to prove it! Here’s one from the Zimbra, who are leaders in open source, next-generation messaging and collaboration software:

“The Jetty server is one of the early adopters of Comet. In fact the principal contributor of the Jetty server, [Webtide’s] Greg Wilkins, is also an author of the Bayeux spec…we chose Jetty not only because it supports Comet in a scalable manner, but also because the Continuation implementation of Comet is least disruptive to existing Servlet based technologies. We recommend Jetty because of the great success we’ve had with it, specifically for Zimbra 5.0. They’ve got great developer support, and the code is clean and simple to look at.”

And from Darla Weiss, the founder of custom photo printing website Photacular:

“Working with Webtide and their developer advice system meant that we basically had them as a team member on call. Photacular could focus on its photo and product expertise and we could tap Webtide anytime for their server and Ajax knowledge. I am glad I went with Jetty as my app server.”

Webtide is also committed to the spirit of open source software. Our developers give back to the Jetty community, by donating their time and code to the Jetty project and releasing our improvements and bug fixes to the general public.

And finally, while Webtide is owned by Intalio it remains employee-driven, just expert developers who are committed to our clients’ happiness and to the continued success of Jetty.

Interested? Contact us, and let’s talk.