CometD is an HTTP event system that uses AJAX push technology, and is an implementation of the Bayeux protocol. It is a scalable way to share information with client Web applications in real time, in ways that foster better scaling through push events, rather than client polling. CometD solves many of the problems encountered when distributing information across the noisy Web.

“Jetty is a critical part of the Vodafone 360 infrastructure. Jetty Continuations give us an edge in performance for COMET and long-polling applications with thousands of concurrently connected users. Jetty’s simplicity and reliability has been a productivity gain throughout the project.”

Phil Jeffrey, Principal Development Manager, Vodafone 360

With CometD, requests can be batched, connections can be shared, you can avoid tripping on browser connection limits, and you can enforce better organization and security through channels and filters. CometD can also be used to communicate to a variety of user interface frameworks, such as Dojo or GWT.

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