How would you like to improve page load times for visitors to your site by 20%, without changing a line of code or investing in any new hardware? Impossible? Think again. Our performance services give you a variety of options to make it possible for you to improve the site experience for your visitors and increase visitor retention and revenue conversion.

Our team are experts in getting the most out of your Jetty and CometD implementations. Some of our most popular performance tuning includes:

HTTP/2 Configuration Advice: HTTP/2 is the latest version of the HTTP protocol and is built into Eclipse Jetty 9.3.0 or greater. Work with the experts at Webtide to implement, configure and test your production Jetty environment with HTTP/2, converting your HTTPS sites to HTTP/2 sites. With HTTP/2 enabled, visitors with browsers that support HTTP/2 see an immediate improvement in performance of up to 20% in page load times; browsers that don’t support HTTP/2 fall back transparently to HTTPS. The experience is seamless to your site visitors and does not impact existing applications or code.

Websocket Activation Advice: Jetty also includes support for Websockets. Work with our team to perform installation and configuration of Websockets. We can also work directly with your developers on how to build engaging applications that include active push notification leveraging Websocket functionality.

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