Does your business run on Eclipse Jetty 6, 7 or 8? CometD 1 or 2? Is the risk of migration what holds you back from Jetty 9 or CometD 3? Do your tasks of running and managing the platform leave you without time and resources to upgrade? As part of our Lifecyle Support offering, the experts at Webtide  are here to help you and your team with during every step of your migration. As the developers behind Jetty and CometD, our team has unique insight into each platform and the differences between versions.

We understand that every implementation is different and every business has unique requirements. Our team will first perform a comprehensive review of your current implementation and provide you with a plan of action for your migration. This will include best practices as well as recommendations for minimizing risks during your migration. We can help formulate timelines, review code and perform any custom development that may be needed to bridge the gap between your current and future implementations.

Under a tight deadline? Don’t have the bandwidth to perform the migration yourself? Let us handle it for you. The team at Webtide is fully equipped to handle your migrations for you from start to finish.

Our team is also aware that the speed of open source often eclipses that of many businesses. Many times teams are unable to migrate or upgrade due to internal policy, compatibility with other services,…etc, and are worried about losing support for their version. Worry no longer! Webtide specializes in developing custom tailored versions of Jetty or CometD specific to your requirements and maintain it alongside current versions.

Webtide is completely flexible in how much or how little you want us to be involved.

Interested? Contact us, and let’s talk.