Want to use Eclipse Jetty in your Java application, but need a little help? Got a tough question about Jetty or CometD or want to extend it? Get help from the experts!

Webtide’s developers are the same experts who contribute design and code to Jetty and CometD. They know Jetty and CometD better than anyone else, because they created them. Whether you’ve got a specific question about Jetty implementation, or you’re just looking for some guidelines and best practices, Webtide’s team can help make your project a success.

As part of Webtide’s Lifecycle Support offering your team can ask as many questions as you want, whenever you want! Get fast, helpful answers from the Jetty and CometD developers — not from a call center or a sales team.  There are no tiers of support – you interact directly with the developers of the open source projects themselves!

Simply ask your question and get answers, directly from the experts, without escalation.

Interested? Contact us, and let’s talk.