Polar Rose

Making a name for online image search Polar Rose’s unique technology gives greater meaning and context to digital photos by allowing them to be indexed online just like text documents. The company developer user friendly, fun, useful, transparent applications that


Photacular enables users to create fun, unique products from their photographs with safe, secure, 24/7 online access. Options include T-shirts, mugs, coasters, jewelry, holiday ornaments, canvas prints, and more. All are custom made. Challenges: The company sought to launch an

Hightide 6.1H.6 Release

Hightide 6.1H.6 is available for download from the Webtide website here: http://www.webtide.com/downloads.jsp The changes in this release include: jetty 6.1.6 atomikos version updated to 3.2.1 dwr updated to 2.0.2 debian packaging The Hightide wiki has more information, along with instructions

Comet Daily

I’ll be contributing to the new Comet Daily website which aims to provide daily articles and blog entries about Comet techniques. The contributors are all leading software engineers who build Comet servers, clients, and web applications. I have already posted