Accelerate your project by getting an Eclipse Jetty or CometD expert developer on your team to drive your project forward. Available for custom development for adding features to Jetty, CometD or your project, Webtide is uniquely positioned to help you make the most of your implementation. Our team provides a myriad of services:

  • Developing a proof of concept for an application using Jetty/CometD
  • Optimizing your current Jetty/CometD usage
  • Enabling key Jetty/CometD features
  • Porting your application to Jetty/CometD
  • Upgrading to the latest release of Jetty/CometD
  • Developing new features for Jetty/CometD

This program is designed for short to medium engagements utilizing one or more of our experienced developers to be tasked with writing custom code and/or configuration for your project. This can be ideal for all phases of a project: evaluating Jetty or CometD for your usage, adopting, upgrading, or optimizing your existing implementation. We also specialize in engaging with clients for final review before projects are put in to production.

Interested? Contact us, and let’s talk.